The Partridge Family

Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted? (Video)

I go downtown and roam all 'round
But ev'ry street I walk I find another dead end
I'm on my own, but I'm so all alone
I need somebody, so I won't have to pretend

I know there's someone just waiting somewhere
I look around for her but she's just not there, oh

Doesn't somebody want to be wanted like me -- where are you?
Doesn't somebody want to be wanted like me -- just like me?

I'm running free, but I don't want to be
I couldn't take another day like yesterday
I'm dead on my feet from walking the street
I need somebody to help me find my way

I've gotta get out of this town
Before I do I'll take a last look around


You know, I'm no different from anybody else
I start each day and end each night
It gets really lonely when you're by yourself
Now where is love? And who is love? I gotta know


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