Jo Ann Campbell

Devil woman (Audio)

He told poor me about her, he told me about their great sin
Well, I cried and forgave him and said I'd him back again
I said if he wanted his freedom, he could be free ever more
But he don't wanna be, and he don't wanna see poor me cry anymore.

Oh, Devil woman, Devil woman, let go of me!
Devil woman, let me be, and leave him alone, he wants to go home.

I've been waiting and weeping down in our shack by the sea
Even after he hurt me, I know he's still in love with me
Devil woman, it's over, he's trapped no more by your charm,
'cause he don't wanna stay, he wants to get away, woman let go of his arm!


Devil Woman, you're evil, like the dark coral reef,
like the winds that bring high tides, you bring sorrow and grief
You made him ashamed to face me, but I had the strength to tell
Skies are not so black since I took him back, together we've broken your spell.


I'm running along by the seashore, running as fast as I can
Even the seagulls are happy, glad he's coming home again
Never again will I ever cause another tear to fall
Down the beach I see what belongs to me, the man I want most of all.


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