Donna Summer

Denver dream (Audio)

|: Denver dream, are you the one they call
the Denver dream, Colorado girl? :|

Denver... Denver...!

You were just a young girl then, well I know your story well
Your parents died and left you just a name and little else
You split from Colorado, you left without a word
I guess I should have hated you, but I loved you even more.

|: Denver dream, so you're the one they called
Denver dream, Colorado girl :| (fine)

Denver... Denver...!

Quite a change come over you, but then, you're a woman now
See just how you earned your name, your beauty conquered all
Denver dream, I've missed you, it's been a long long time
Since the day we've been apart, you've been on my mind.

Say you're not sure whom I am, then cast your thoughts do Denver
'cause I'm the girl you left so lost, yes I'm your little sister

I'm your sister!

dal $egno al fine

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