Rick Duncan

De Milo

Something not right at the sight of that woman in statue
Something amiss and a-missing when I saw her there
She was disarming*
It was disturbing, but she still looked pretty good bare.**

Tragedy De Milo
Amputee, De Milo
On that stand, that sculpture was still quite grand
And I stood there wishing I could give her a hand.

I walked away and I ended my stay at that museum
I kept on hoping that I'd find her limbs on a tray
She was so helpless
Went home and molded some arms from pottery clay.

Met my goal, De Milo
Now you're whole, De Milo
Now I'm gone, locked up, turned into a con
|: Just gave you, De Milo what someone forgot to paste on! :|

*Wortspiel: Entwaffnend + ohne Arme ;-)
**Na ja, sooo nackt war die Venus von Milo nun auch wieder nicht:

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