Ed Cash

Dear Old Dad

As a child she remembers bits and pieces
but 'midst of it she's chosen to block out
because daddy treated her the right way
he didn't understand what loving was about

so she's opened her heart to the whole world
Hoping someone will come and ease the pain
She's on the edge of a fatal decision
and she's drowning in the middle of the rain

She's looking for the love she never had
looking for the love she missed from dear old dad
The world is out to get her, and she is left fading away

She starves herself to meet a certain standard
Because the world says she'd got to look so good
Her heart is being eaten on the inside
And she'd do anything to change it if she could

See, a father's love is something that we all crave
but something that so few of us receive
It's funny that so many feel forgotten
when all weve go to do is just believe


Now ever the best dads fail sometimes
being human they can only do so much
if we can't rely on them to be perfect
it must mean that we were made for holy touch

That's why Jesus is the love weve never had
he is the love and way to dear old dad
he is out to love us, yes, he is out to love us
youll never go hungry when you put your trust in him
he is out to love us, and take us to a place of peace and rest

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