Dorothy Dandrige

Dat's love

Love's a baby that grows up wild,
and he won't do what you want him to
Love ain't nobody's angel-child,
and he won't pay any mind to you.

One man gave me his diamond stud,
and I won't give him a cigarette
One man treats me like I was mud,
and what I got, dat man can get.

|: |: Dat's love :| :|

You go for me and I'm taboo
But if you're hard to get, I'll go for you
And if I do, then you are through
Oh, my baby, that's the end of you.

Instrumental So take your cue
Oh, don't say I didn't tell you true
Instrumental I told you truly, if I love you,
dat's the end of you! (fine)

When your love bird decides to fly,
there ain't no door that you can close
She just pecks you a quick good-bye
and flicks de salt from her tail and goes.

If you listen then you get taught,
and here's your lesson for today:
If I choose you, then you get caught
But once I got you, I go away.

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