Tony Christie

Dancing in the sunshine

Let's fly out together
And find sunny weather
Where I can live with you, just with you

We will leave behind our city lives and find a better place to stay 
We have talked about it many times, but now we'll soon be on our way
Gonna live a life of make-believe, surrounded by white silver dunes
Soon we'll be inside our land of dreams, we're gonna foster blue lagoons

Dancing in the sunshine we gonna have a fun time --- 
laying down on the sand
We'll be together, enjoying the weather of wonderland
Dancing in the sunshine we gonna have a fun time --- 
singing songs everyday
Playing the music of love on a moonlight bay
($) No more hassle working 9 to 5 --
For the first time we will feel alive --
You and I are gonna live in paradise forevermore (fine)

Breathing in the parfume from the flowers dripping on the cooling breeze
Watch the shadows on the fishing boat reflecting on the deep blue seas
These are things that we have dreamed about, and now it seems they're coming true
Most of all I'm looking forward to romantic nights I'll share with you


dal $egno al fine (bis)

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