Bellamy Brothers

Dancin' cowboys (Video) (Audio)

We like boots and saddles, we love girls and guitars
We let romance and passion turn our heads and rule our hearts
Old bandanas and blue jeans, campfires burning like stars
It's a song about all the things we live and what we are.

Dancing cowboys, singing horses
Gypsy music, ringing voices
Dancing cowboys, singing horses
Gypsy music, songs about love.

We got home in our hearts babe, got the road in our blood,
got a cowgirl in ev'ry single town, our name ain't Mud*
We like pistols and stetsons, dance halls and cafés
Now you know where we're coming from, come and dance the night away.




*Über Herkunft und genaue Bedeutung dieser Redewendung gibt es die unterschiedlichsten Theorien. Meist wird sie wohl umgekehrt, d.h. bejahend - und damit negativ - gebraucht, d.h. wenn man von jemandem sagt "his name is Mud" will man ihm irgendwie übel.

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