Dana, my love (Audio)

Every time I close my eyes I see you standing there
But I only know to* well you no longer care
Yet I simply can't believe that you're really true** with me
But how can I accept what I feel will never be?

Oh, Dana my love, [oh] Dana my love
Did you have to go when I need you so?
My loneliness without you, is it ever gonna end?
It takes time, 't takes time for a broken heart to mend.

***Life's a lonesome road I go without sleep
***But the love I gave to you went so suddenly
($) There's a voice within me saying you'lI come back to me again
I'll just live on hopes and on wishful dreams till then.



dal $egno al fine

*So singt er; aber gemeint ist natürlich "too".
**So singt er; aber gemeint ist natürlich "through".
***Diese beiden Zeilen sind unsicher, da der Begleitchor etwas Anderes singt als der Leadsänger, so daß man Keines von Beidem richtig versteht.

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