Suzanne Doucet

Cry, my heart (Audio)

Now the golden days are ending,
and the tears begin to fall
I can feel the night is ending,
and there's no-one to hear when I call -- so I cry.

I can't go on, my baby's gone,
the one that I depended on
So cry, my heart (3x)
And since the day he went away, 
I watch my loving fade away
We had to part |: so cry, my heart :|

I've got to leave him behind me,
forget the mem'ries that haunt me - yeah!
So I stop talking about him,
and I start walking without him now, now! (fine)

But our love would last forever
Why did he ever change his mind?
But we've spent our lives together
Is is true when they say love is blind? So I cry.

Your love is through, he's tired of you
And there is nothing you can do
but cry, my heart |: cry, my heart :|
Though I can see there'll never be
someone who means so much to me,
yes cry, my heart |: cry, my heart :|
dal $egno al fine

Cry, cry, my heart... yes, cry!

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