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Croce di oro* (Audio)

You'll be gone when the dawn comes tomorrow
You'll be far, far away, out at sea
So I give you this croce di oro
It will bring you home safely to me.

Every hour we're apart will be sorrow
In the chapel a candle will burn
Take my love and this croce di oro
I will pray for you till you return.

My darling, my darling, my darling
Do you see that star in the blue?
Each night I will give it a message,
and the star will give it to you.

Till we meet on that far-off tomorrow,
may the good Lord be with you and then
|: with the help of this croce di oro,
you'll be back in my arms once again :|

(Croce di oro)

*Keine Ahnung, welcher Muttersprache Clara Ann Fowler alias "P.P." war, aber bestimmt nicht Italienisch. Man kann das zwar theoretisch so sagen; aber kein Italiener würde das tun - auch anno 1955 schon nicht mehr -, sondern vielmehr "croce d'oro"!

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