Herman van Veen


Sometimes, sometimes I think * all those soldiers
who battled on hills and plains
aren't buried under rows of white crosses
but rather fly the sky as cranes.

They beckon us from times now long forgotten
Their distant voices echo as they fly
Is it these voices that make us stare and ponder,
as our thoughts wander through the sad, sad sky (fine)

There in the fading shimmer of the sunset
a weary flock of birds heads out to sea
I see an empty spot in their formation
Perhaps that spot is destined just for me.

And when I cross the sky in that formation,
soaring through the sunset's distant glow,
I'll look upon you, those I've left behind me
And I will call you softly as I go.

da capo al fine

Hier fehlt ein "that". Grammatisch kann man es zwar weglassen, aber musikalisch entsteht eine ganz überflüssige Lücke. Wohlgemerkt: Die anderen englischsprachigen Coverversionen dieses Liedes sind um keinen Deut besser; ich will es nur der guten Ordnung halber angemerkt haben.

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