Anne Murray

Cotton Jenny (Audio)

There's a house on a hill
by a worn down, weathered old mill,
in the valley below, where the river winds,
there's no such thing as bad times.

And a soft southern flame,
oh, Cotton Jenny's her name
She wakes him up when the sun goes down
And the wheel o' love goes 'round.

Wheels of |: love go 'round :|
Love go 'round, a joyful sound
He ain't got a penny for Cotton Jenny to spend
But then wheels go 'round.

When a new day begins,
he goes down to the cotton gin
And he makes his time worthwhile to them
Then he climbs back up again.

And she waits by the door
Oh, Cotton Jenny, he's sore
And she rubs his feet while the sun goes down
And the wheel of love goes 'round.

Chorus (3x)

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