Dana Winner

Conquest of paradise (Audio)

There shines a light in the heart of man
that defies the dead of the night,
a beam that glows within every soul,
like wings of hope taking flight (fine)

A sunny day, when a baby's born,
the little things that we say,
a special sparkle in someone's eye,
simple gifts, every day.

Somewhere there's a paradise,
where everyone finds release
It's here on earth and between your eyes,
a place we all find our peace.

Come, open your heart
Reach for the stars
Believe your own power
Now, here in this place,
here on this earth,
this is the hour.

It's just a place we call paradise
Each of us has his own
It has no name, no, it has no price
It's just a place we call home.

A dream that reaches beyond the stars,
the endless blue of the skies,
forever wondering who we are,
forever questioning "why?"


da capo al fine


like wings of hope taking flight.

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