Eric Andersen

Come to my bedside (Video)

[Welcome/*So come/**Do come] to my bedside, my darling
Come over here and close the door!
Lay your body soft and close beside me,
and drop your petticoat on the floor.

I waited for you, oh, such a long time
I tried to grow and be a better man
Then you knew your love has made one poor heart wealthy,
though my clothes may lay tattered in your hand.

Your breast has told my ear life's golden secrets
Your back has shown my fingers endless groans
Your lips have whispered wisdom that is timeless
about life and death and things I'd never known.


Your eyes are bluer than mountain waters
Your hair is flowing dark and flowing long
Your skin has more gold than the morning sunrise
It's softer than the breeze of a summer's dawn.

And I miss you more with every passing sunset
I plan a plan on every new day born
Words can't describe one thing I'm sure of,
that it's in my loving arms where you belong.


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