Al Martino

Come share the wine (Video)

The streets were dark and the night was cold and yet I walk alone
I saw the lights of a cosy place with lanterns all aglow
Somebody cried: Don't wait outside, come say "hello"

The people there, they were singing songs I knew when I was young
And from the jukebox I heard a sound I needed to recall.
I sang along with every song, I knew them all.

Come share the wine
No one is a stranger here, they're your friends and mine
Everyone's your brother, we're a long way from home
And we need each other, have no fear You're welcome here.
Come share the wine
It's so nice and warm in here, we're happy and kind
We can understand that you're a long way from home
But we have each other, have no fear You'll like it here.

It's not so easy to feel at home when home's so far away
When all the longing and all the worrying is for yesterday
You've made me find some peace of mind I'd like to stay

The world seems colder when you're a stranger from a foreign land
You need to feel that someone cares and that they understand
Many a tear would disappear if we joined hands


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