J. C. Dee

Come Johnny, let's go Johnny

(|: Come Johnny, let's go Johnny :|) 

I was sitting alone one saturday night
In a discotheque with flashing lights
I was feeling 'bout as lonesome as could be
When a little girl about sweet sixteen
Introduced herself als Catherine
As she shook my hand and sat down next to me

She had long blonde hair and big blue eyes
I told her that I loved her at first sight
That she was the sweetest thing I'd seen
But she just didn't hear a word I said
As the music played she just shook her head
The beat seemed to take over Catherine 

And she said:

(Come Johnny, let's go, Johnny
Get yourself together, let's move it, honey)
The music seemed to put her in a trance
(Come Johnny, let's go Johnny
Get yourself together, let's move it, honey)
Seems that all she wanted to do was dance


Well, it seemed to me that we danced all night
And as the music ended and down came the lights
I asked Catherine if I could take her home
(Come Johnny, let's go, Johnny)
She said that I could, and to get to her place
Well, I drove like the devil so as time wouldn't waste
I couldn't wait to get that girl alone
(Come Johnny, let's go, Johnny)
But my blues were down, and the night was calm
As I took that girl into my arms
And with the passion I had rarely known
(Come Johnny, let's go, Johnny)
I kissed Chatherina long and hard
And when it was over, she just leaned for a word
And switched the go down record player on

And she said:


(|: Come Johnny, let's go, Johnny :|)
Why don't you listen to your daddy?
('cause I wanna dance, baby)
But baby, why do just you wanna dance all the time?
Why don't you come home with me?
(Come Johnny, let's go Johnny)
But, you're not a baby any more, baby
There's lots of other things to do beside dancing

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