Al Martino

Come into my life (Audio)

Here I was, standing in the shadows in the pouring rain,
looking for something to belive in, then you came,
washed away the rain,* brought me sunshine.

Don't walk away now! Why don't you stay now? Stay!

Come into my life and stay a while
Take this weary heart of mine and make it smile
Come into my life, let me live again
Make this feeling that I feel, make it never end!

One night with you is all I asked you for
(...?) never wanted more
But now I see you mean much more to me.


Chorus (bis)

|: Come into my life! :|

*Daß der Regen irgendetwas fortwäscht habe ich ja schon mal gehört; aber wie man den Regen fortwaschen soll, ist mir schleierhaft.

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