Nat King Cole

Come closer to me (Audio)

Come closer to me, so I can see Heaven in your eyes
Come closer to me, so I can be close to paradise.

Thrill me with your kisses, let me learn what bliss is
($) Kiss me once and then we'll kiss and kiss again,
and life will be divine.

Come closer, my dear, so I can hear music in my heart
I've waited so long to hear the song that your love will start.

Darling, I'll adore you, live my life just for you
All I ask is this: Please give me one more kiss,
and whisper you'll be mine (fine)

Acércate más y más y más, pero mucho más
Y besame así, así, así, como quieras tú
Pero besa pronto, porque estoy sufriendo.

dal $egno al fine

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