Paul Young

Come back and stay (Video)

Since you've been gone, I shut my eyes
And I fantasize that you're here with me
Will you ever return? I won't be satisfied
'till you're by my side, don't wait any longer.

|: Why don't you come back? Please hurry :|
|: Come back and stay for good this time :|

You said goodbye, I was trying to hide
what I felt inside until you passed me by
You said you'd return, you said you'd be mine
'till the end of time, but don't wait any longer!



Since you've been gone, I opened my eyes
And I realized what we had together
Will you ever return? I'll have you change your mind
If you won't stay mine, just |: love me forever :|


*Beim letzten Kehrreim werden beide Zeilen 3x statt 2x gesungen.

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