Soulful Dynamics

Coconuts From Congoville (Video) (Audio)

Coconuts from Congoville,
growing up on a sunny hill,
coconuts, coconuts, coconuts coconuts, 
coconuts from Congoville. 

Jimmy has a barrow, he's selling coconuts (coco-, coconuts)
Early in the morning, he's plucking coconuts (coco-, coconuts)
And he is shouting louder than the others, 
later on the market place (la la la la), all the days. 



Everybody loves him down there in Congoville (coco-, coconuts)
You can see the children dancing 'round his barrow (coco-, coconuts)
You will hear them singing, ev'rybody's swinging,
he is dancing on his place (la la la la) all the days.

Chorus (4x)

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