Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians

Clap for Elizabeth (Audio)

We like our fun in private, but we don't know where to go
I believe I can contrive it, and not a soul will know
Are you doing Paris solo? Yes, but we need some company
All you need is a bankrollo, just leave the rest to me!

When we do, what will we do? - We'll tell you what to do! - What?

Clap for Elizabeth, only for Elizabeth,
so sweet as a kid* in her silken stocking feet
She knows her way about, if you want to play about
You will cover ground with Elizabeth around.

She only loves the nighttime, she calls that the right time
And if you want a high time, there's nothing she won't do
She knows her ABC's, ABC's and do-re-mi's
So when you are blue, take Elizabeth with you!

|: We want Lizzie, show us Lizzie, we want Lizzie if she's nice :|

Instrumental (bla bla bla)

We want Lizzie, show us Lizzie, we want Lizzie, she's the nuts!

*Das bedeutete damals - 1931 - noch nicht "Kind", sondern "Zicklein" (vgl. das deutsche Wort "[Reh-]Kitz")

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