Nana Mouskouri

Children of the stars (Video)

Everyone on earth begins his journey
underneath a special star
Butcher, baker, soldier, or attorney
It is written what we are
Gemini is quick and cool and charming
Taurus plays a stubborn part
Cancer's child is tender and disarming
Aries has a jealous heart.

Some are givers, some are takers
Some are fools, and some are fakers
Some command, and some are driven
In the stars our lives are hidden
Some are chosen, some are choosers
Some are winners, some are losers
Take a prize, and sow your stars
All of us are children of the stars.


Leo has a masterful attraction
Libra sings a peaceful song
Sagittarius cannot wait for action
Virgo often waits too long
Pisces children dream away their worry
What's your secret, Scorpio?
Capricorns are better safe than sorry
But Aquarius says, let's go!


Come the mighty, come the lowly
Come the sinners and the holy
If the moon can move the ocean
Slow the planets in their motion
You'll have seen an ancien pattern
Child of Venus, child of Saturn
Child of Jupiter and of Mars
All of us are children of the stars.


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