Freddie Aguilar

Child (Video)

When you were born into this world
Your mom and dad saw a dream fulfilled
Dream come true, the answer to their prayers.

You were to them a special child
Gave 'em joy every time you smiled
Each time you cried, they're at your side to care.

Child, you don't know, you'll never know how far they'd go
to give you all their love can give,
to see you through, and God it's true
They'd die for you, if they must, to see you near.

How many seasons came and went
So many years have now been spent
For time ran fast and now at last you're strong.

Now what has gotten over you
You seem to hate your parents, too
Do speak out your mind, why do you find them wrong?


And now your path has gone astray
Child you ain't sure what to do or say
You're so alone, no friends are on your side.

And child you now break down in tears
Let them drive away your fears
Where must you go, their arms stay open wide.

Chorus (bis)

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