Jack Grunsky

Catherine (Audio)

Catherine is very good-looking,
her eyes to the street when she walks 
Her profile is perfect, she never looks down with a frown, 
|: just when she talks :|

Catherine, she also looks innocent 
and acts in an innocent way
Her flattering glances when men see their chances 
and offer Catherine to take part in their play.

Catherine is rather outstanding,
stands out within every crowd
And if you don't see her, her perfume will give her the way
the perfume is proud, expensive and loud.

Catherine is rather exciting,
her eye-lashes fastened with paste,
her visage a mask that you want to uncover,
you want to discover the place she wears her face. 

Catherine is rather mysterious,
though her clothes are thin and few 
Her legs are quite shapely, you can't look away
They make you shiver right through, well, the chills are for you.

Catherine is rather developed, 
her body a (...?) ground,
her soul quiete restored from the shock she abhorred 
We all know that her thighs have been found to be pleasures-filled fount. 

Catherine is all that men wish to,
to hold in their arms just a while,
to use her, misuse her, and later to lose her
She'd wake up |: a hungrier child :|

Catherine is rather neurotic 
The truth she just can't seem to find
Taking her pills in the morning and seaking a kind 
|: to [pl]ease her mind :|

Catherine appears often naked, 
her pictures all splattered up walls
Men in their offices worshipping goddesses, 
making |: their telephone calls :|

Catherine, she seems to be wealthy
well, at least her purse seems to burst
She smiles at the rich, and she frowns at the poor,
but her soul must be |: dying of thirst :|


The story of Catherine is endless
The story of Catherine is long
But who is to say what is wrong
|: where does Catherine belong :| if Catherine is wrong?

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