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Can't take my eyes off of food

(1st stanza:)
You're just too tasty to me
What can I do? I must eat.
It'd be like heaven to munch
I just want my special crunch
At long last take-out arrived
With this food I'll surely thrive.

It's so sweet it sticks like glue
Can't take my eyes off of food.

Sorry but I love the taste
Must eat at a slower pace
I need to get me some eats
Poultry, fish, or maybe meats
Finally food has returned
Geez, I hope my grits ain't burned.




I need some pancakes, this syrup's a little light
A little thicker, then I might take a bite.
I need some cheese too, I need some cheese please give me: it's needed
Those Belgian waffles, they make me smile all day
Now that I'm eating, my smile will surely stay
Yes I will eat food, it's yummy, when it's prepared in any way

1st stanza


Chorus (3x)

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