Suzi Quatro

Can the can (Video) (Audio)

Well you call your mamma tiger, and we all know you are lying
And your boyfriend's name is eagle and he lives up in the sky
Watch out the tiger don't go claw the eagle's eye
But let the eagle take the tiger by surprise (scratch out her eyes).

So make a stand for your man, honey, try to can the can
Put your man in the can, honey, get him while you can
Can the can, can the can, if you can, well can the can.

Well your sister's got the feline touch, she touches up your mind
And your eagle lover likes his little bit of evil loving all the time
Don't let the cat get into the eagle's nest at night,
because the eagle could say yes without a fight (scratch out her eyes).


|: |: Ooh can the can :| :|

Honey, honey, honey, honey, honey

Chorus (bis)

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