Cantara Pepe

He's just a waiter in a fancy bar
From dawn 'till late at night he's working hard
But when he's dreaming he dreams of sunny Spain
'cause here there's only pouring rain

Remember siestas in the cool, cool shade
The fiestas were so hot, the girls so great
And memories come, he's feeling kind of strange
But soon his luck is gonna change

|: Cantara Pepe, olala
[Con dinero/*Como un rey] tus amigos (...?)
Cantara Pepe, olala
You will return to sunny Castellar :|

He saves pesetas to go to Castellar
When one day Pepe will open Pepe's Bar
The winter's long but it might be in spring
Then everybody's gonna sing




Hey, Pepe, don't look so unhappy, man
Oh, you know, all these boys and girls are waiting for you
Oh, one day you'll gonna return as a very rich man
And serve a lot of cervezas in your cantina
Yeah, and you will meet sweet Carmen again
And Josť and Juan
Sure, and all the rest of the boys and girls
And there will be a great fiesta
A lot of cervezas in the cantina
Sure, and everybody's gonna be poco loco
And there's gonna be a whola, whola, whole lot of fun
Oh, come on, don't look so unhappy
You got plenty of reasons to be happy

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