Larry Finnegan

Call me the joker (Audio)

Oh, I have broken many hearts in my time,
but I never thought it brought such misery
Then when I fell for you, you taught me a thing or two,
'cause you put one over on me.

And now they call me the joker in this game of love
So blind that my heart just couldn't see
I held all the aces, and I played them like a king
The queen made a joker out of me.

And though I've told so many girls I loved them,
I always made sure that I stayed free
I was doing fine, so sure that you were mine
Then you walked and walked all over me.



Oh, I always thought that I was quite a lover
'cause I knew all the bluest phantasies
I thought you would give in, and I had won again
But you came on like General Lee.

Chorus (3x)

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