Alvin Dover & Bill Tong

By the time I get to Europe

(As Sung by President Bush to Jenna, before departing for Europe
with the First Lady and Jenna's twin sister Barbara)

By the time I get to Europe, don't be wasted.
Your bodyguard is just hangin'by your door.
Don't laugh, just 'cause we're apart, don't start your drinking.
'Cause they've caught you, girl, so many times before.

By the time I meet with the Pontiff, I'll get blessings.
For winning the presidential race - that's what he thought.
Surprised to hear my phone - it's Dick Cheney.
"Jenna called... got caught!"

By the time I make the G8 summit, they'll be bleeping.
Got burned awfully, when last here, on Kyoto.
But I'll try not to think, we'll be leaving.
Board Air Force One, make a sidetrip to Kosovo.
Dear Jenna, promise, next time you will go...

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