Danyel Gerard

Butterfly (Video)

You are bright* as a night full of moon
Butterfly you have left much to soon**
You have found you have wings and now you wish to fly
Please don't go, oh please don't say good-bye.

Butterfly, my Butterfly, though I know you must be free
Butterfly, don't flutter by, stay a little while with me.

In your mind there's*** someone far away
And you'll miss all the fun if you stay
You believe that love is elsewhere to be found
But you're wrong, it's here, just look around.


Look around, look around and you'll see
Better loved than by me you won't be
And if you fly away you break my heart in two
Please don't go, I'm so in love with you.

Chorus (bis)

*So beim verlinkten Liveauftritt. Auf der Platte lautet der Anfang: "Your're as bright", ebenso in der von Eydie Gormé gesungenen Fassung. Eddy Arnold singt statt dessen: "You're alive".
**Bei Eddy Arnold lautet diese Zeile - sehr viel sinnvoller: "Butterfly, you have left your cocoon".
***Eddy Arnold singt "there is"; außerdem singt er am Anfang und am Ende je einen Kehrreim zusätzlich, aber all das rechtfertigt keine eigene Datei.

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