Danyel Gerard

Butterfly (Video)

Fell in love in the wink of the night
with a girl who was cold butterfly*
She said she loved me so she could not let me go
But still I had to say good-bye.
Butterfly, my Butterfly, I'll come home to you one day
Butterfly, my Butterfly, wait for me, don't fly away.

Never fly in the heat of the sun
Fold your wings when the long day is done
Stay home and wait for me till I get back again,
counting the minutes one by one.

When a man has a yearn to be free,
he will sail to the end of the sea
I won't be gone too long, but while I travel on,
just fold your wings and wait for me. 

Chorus (bis)

*So singt er; gemeint ist natürlich "called Butterfly" ;-)

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