Joy Fleming

Bridge of love (Audio)

You have been living 
by taking, not giving, 
with your ambitions flying high,
wheeling and dealing, 
and not really knowing why, hmm... 

You better break out, 
stop trying to make out,
playing it safe will never do 
There's a world that is waiting 
for somebody just like you, hey, but baby... 

A bridge of love across the sea, 
from me to you, from you to me 
That's what we need to build 
Without a new beginning, 
we will keep on spinning 
($) A bridge of love from land to land, 
it's like a friendly arm-stretched hand 
That's what we're dreaming of 
(*|:) So come on and get moving  
walk across the bridge of love! (*:|)

Everyone's in it, 
so why not begin it?
Don't close your eyes, just look around 
Think of the others 
and don't stick to your own ground, oh baby..

Na na na...

dal $egno al fine*

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