Ketil Stokkan

Brandenburger Tor

It was late in December, we were sharing it all over the world
Soldiers cutting the barbed-wire fences, people climbing over the Wall
Rising over the scene in the heart of Berlin, we could see Brandenburger Tor

Let's go down to Brandenburger Tor, everybody, like we could before
Dreams come true at Brandenburger Tor, let's go to Brandenburger Tor

Yeah, let's go to Brandenburger Tor

It was time to get ready, we were waiting for this moment to come
People laughing and dancing with strangers, children playing across borderlines
Blinded only by tears after so many years, we're at last at Brandenburger Tor


'Cause we all know where it starts - in our hearts at Brandenburger Tor

Chorus (3x)

Yeah, let's Brandenburger Tor

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