Tim O'Heron

Born without a boombox

Every night I hear the sounds from cars out on the street;
I mean that sound that's really deep, a loud bassy driving beat.
I don't care for it that much, it bugs me more than it should,
so I guess I'll play my '60's tunes on my transistor that's not very good.

|: The sound of the boombox (sound of the boombox) :|
People think I'm strange, 'cause that's not the sound I'm use to.
She has one. So does he. I guess to live in this society,
Lord have mercy I was born without a boombox.

On one night I heard that sound again as it came back.
I really wish I had sound proofed my big old home shack.
And so I'm back to that transitor of mine and chorus one more time:


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