Shirley Bassey

Born to sing

When the spotlight hits my face, I'm alive
The stage is were I'll always survive
The only place that I want to be

When I hear the audience coming in
I feel the magic starts to begin
And then I know they come to see me

When I hear the maestro strike up the band
And the drums begin to play
It's the only way that I understand
To live my life each day

I was born to sing forever
Born to sing for you
And as long as we're together
There's nothing else I want to do
I was born to sing forever
To me that's everything
And until the end of time
I know, I'm born to sing

When the rhythm start to beat in my brain
I sing the verse and then the refrain
And love to hear the sound of applause

When the crowd appreciate what I do
I find that each performance is new
I go on singing that is because

There are those who think I'm wasting my time
They say that's life's not just a song
But as long as there is music and rhyme
I know where I belong


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