Olivia Newton-John

Boats against the current (Video)

I know it's over, you know it's over
We're just going through the motions
But we're sailing separate oceans worlds apart
And you know it's breaking my heart.

I was a dreamer, you were a dreamer
But perfection is consuming
And it seems we're only human after all
And we've both been taking the fall.

[But] Tomorrow we'll run a little bit faster
Tomorrow we're gonna find what we're after at last
Feelings that we left in the past
There's romance in the sunset
We're boats against the current to the end.

Maybe we're older, maybe we're colder
So we disregard solutions,
while we cling to our illusions once again
And we keep remembering when.

Seasons are changing, [oh, my] reasons are changing
But the story isn't ending
So we find ourselves pretending one more day,
while the years keep slipping away.

Chorus (bis)

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