Henry Burr

Blue bell (Audio)

Blue bell, the dawn is waking
Sweetheart, you must not sigh
Blue bell, my heart is breaking
I've come to say good-bye.

Hear how the bugle's calling, 
calling to each brave heart
Sweetheart, your tears are falling
Blue bell, we two must* part.

Good-bye, my Blue bell, farewell to you
One last fond look into your eyes so blue
Mid campfires gleaming 'mid shot and shell
I will be dreaming of my own Blue bell.


Blue bell, they are returning
Each greets a sweetheart true
Blue bell, your heart is yearning, 
never a one** greets you.

Sadly they tell the story, 
tell how he fought and fell
No thought of fame or glory, 
only 'f his own Blue bell.


*Ein Germanismus, der inzwischen verp�nt ist - heute w�rde man "the two of us" sagen.
**dto - heute w�rde man "no-one" sagen.
Der Text ist aus 1904, und lebende Sprachen entwickeln sich halt weiter - kaum eine Zeile w�rde heute noch so getextet.

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