Chubby Checker

Black cloud (Audio)

[There's a] Black cloud hanging over my head,
down to my last buck
With an old black cloud hanging over my head,
there ain't no such thing as good luck.

Oh, the very first Saturday of every month
I go down to get me some pay
But when I ask my bossman about a draw,
this is what my bossman say:


Well, I earn my living by the sweat of my brow
I work so hard every day
With that old black cloud hanging over my head
To drive my dreams away.

And if it wasn't with the help of the one I love
To tell my troubles to
There just ain't no telling what that old black cloud
Might drive this poor man to.


I'm gonna seed in the ground, gonna grow me a tree
This is what that black cloud done
They sent all the locust to eat up the tree
I'm gonna cook my brains in the sun.

And one of these days when I'm laid away
I know that cloud can't wait
It's gonna hover over me on Judgement Day
to keep me from the Pearly Gate.

Chorus (bis)

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