The Move

Blackberry Way (Video) (Audio)

Blackberry Way
Absolutely pouring down with rain
It's a terrible day.

Up with a lark
Silly girl, I don't know what to say
She was running away.

So now I'm standing on the corner,
lost in the things that I've said
What am I supposed to do now?

Goodbye Blackberry Way
I can't see you, I don't need you
Goodbye Blackberry Way
Sure to want me back another day.

Gone to the park
Overgrowing but the trees are bare
There's a memory there. Boats on the lake
Unattended now, they're all to drown
I'm incredibly down.

Just like myself they are neglected,
turn with my eyes to the war
What am I supposed to do now?


|: Ooo-black, Ooo-black, ooo-ooo, ahhh-hhh-hhh :|

Run for the train
Look behind you for she may be there
Say I think you're the girl.

Blackberry Way
See the battlefields of care or sins,
cast to the winds.

So full of accidents without her,
lost in the words that I said
What am I supposed to do now?

Chorus (bis)

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