Doris Day

Be true to me (Audio)

If I prove how much I love you with each kiss
will you cross your heart and promise me all this
that it's more than just a thrill,
that you love me and you will -- be true to me!

I will give you all my love dear, here and now,
if you'll only make this solemn little vow,
that you mean just what you say,
please be fair in every way -- be true to me!

I'm so helpless when you touch me
feeling feelings that I never felt before
Oh my darling, say you'll love me
If you love me, I'll be yours forever more.

So I beg you, please be gentle with my heart
Promise me we'll never be apart,
through each night and thru each day,
thru the years that pass away -- be true to me!


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