Believe (Video)

No matter how hard I try
You keep pushing me aside
And I can't break through
There's no talking to you.

It's so sad that you're leaving
It takes time to believe it
But after all is said and done
You're gonna be the lonely one, oh

|: Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think you're strong enough, now :|

What am I supposed to do?
Sit around and wait for you
Well I can't do that
And there's no turning back.

I need time to move on
I need love to feel strong
'cause I've got time to think it through
And maybe I'm too good for you, oh!


Well I know that I'll get through this
'cause I know that I am strong
|: |: And I don't need you anymore, no :| :|

Chorus (bis)

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