Al Silver

Begin to begin

When we've begun to begin
we'll start to renew whatever seemed finished,
we'll start to redo the thing that's diminished,
we'll start to restore what seems to have been.

I'm with you once more right from Square One
It's not such a chore to get this thing going
The urge to resume seems to be growing
when we've begun to begin.

Repeating this task should take concentration
But not when we both start to proceed.
And there we are, building the old creation,
while no preparation we ever need.

Creating anew, what this used to be,
till clouds come along and the rain soaks through our new something
And then when it's said with disdain, "You started a dumb thing,"
we'll hear but too well, and agree.

No, we've never begun to begin
Let this object we once possessed remain abolished
Let it stay in our thoughts obsessed, all shiny and polished,
when we've begun to begin.

Oh yes, all of the meds I just took make me fine
My previous words were all vexed, I had depression
So strap me in for my next electroshock session,
and I'll suddenly know what haven I'm in -- when we've begun to begin.

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