Daliah Lavi

Before my very eyes (Audio)

The same old dance, the same old crowd,
the same old Saturday came around
The same old dress, the same old shoes,
The same old jokes, the same old news
The caroussel, the round-and-round,
that's all, it seemed, my life would ever be.

I told myself, why not stay home?
But if I did I'd sit alone
An empty room is not such fun
And so I dressed and went along
If not for this, I might have missed
the one and only love I'd waited for.

'cause right before my very eyes,
I found the answer to my life
And when he turned and smiled at me
all I had dreamed that love would be
was there before my very eyes
He took my hand, and though we never
spoke a single word, we heard
the music, I knew I had found
the answer, and I knew my life
was here before my very eyes.

The same old dance, the carnival,
and stars were hanging on the wall
My friends was here, the cloud were gone*
And we went dancing, on and on,
around and round, so close to him
I prayed this wasn't just another dream.

But in his arms I knew for sure
that this was real for evermore
I'd stay with him, deep by his side,
to hold his hand, to bear his child
Thank God for this, I'd never miss
the one and only love I'd waited for.


La la la...

*Das geht zwar grammatisch garnicht; aber so singt sie.

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