Joan Baez

Bangla Desh (Video)

|: |: Bangla Desh :| :|
When the sun sinks in the west,
die a million people of the Bangla Desh.

[*And so] The story of Bangla Desh
is an ancient one again made fresh
by blind men who carry out commmands,
which flow out of the laws upon which nation stand
which say to sacrifice a people for a land.

Chorus (fine)

Once again we stand aside
and watch the families crucified,
see a teenage mother's vacant eyes
as she watches her feeble baby try
to fight the monsoon rains and the cholera flies.

And the students at the university,
asleep at night quite peacefully
The soldiers came and shot them in their beds
And terror took the dorm, awakening shrieks of dread
And silent frozen forms and pillows drenched in red.


Did you read about the army officer's plea
for donor's blood? It was given willingly
by boys who took the needle in their vein
And from their bodies every drop of blood was drained
No time to comprehend, and there was little pain.

dal $egno al fine*

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