Bailout rock

First, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went bust and failed
The government took over, and they still prevailed
Now Lehman Brothers winds up in the red, bankrupt
Lotta' big investors going belly up.

Things rock, shaking Wall Street's whole block
Brokers holding tons a' worthless stock
Not to worry, Gov's a BailOut Rock.

Some old established firms are slipping by the inch
Bank of America buys dying Merrill Lynch
When AIG's cash equity starts falling fast
With taxpayers' billions "Old Gov" saves their ass.

Things rock, all a' Wall Street's in hock
Country's finance needs to see a doc
All the Biggies get a BailOut Rock.

Now Congress meets in session with a rushed debate
The President says hurry up, things just can't wait
'bout seven hundred billion could be the price tag
Don't worry, Donald Trump has got it in his bag.

Things rock, seconds tick on the clock
Better tuck a dollar in our sock
Gov's still chipping on the BailOut Rock.

This couldn't happen at a much worse time
Our National election's in the light of lime
Obama and McCain just might be wishing bad,
with all this country's problems, kept the job they had.

Things rock, bankers nervously flock
Better stash some money in a crock
Might be shafted by the BailOut Rock.

|: Getting shafted by the BailOut Rock :|
Being taken by the BailOut Rock
On our money box there ain't no lock.

We're all paying for the BailOut Rock,
yeah, paying for the BailOut Rock,
ten thou' a fam'ly for the BailOut Rock...

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