Joseph Fernandez


His name was Saddam, he was a tyrant
Torture was his flair
His mercy was really rare
He would make weapons, get lotsa anthrax
And when he tried to go too far
the US said, it's time for war.

Across the desert floor
bombs dropped more and more
He was dumb and he had Iraq
But his ambition soared.

Yes, at the palace, palace in Baghdad
A few miles northwest of Basra
At the palace, palace in Baghdad
Anthrax and nerve gas were always the fashion
At the palace... [he went insane/*he lost Kuwait/**don't fall for it]

His name was Saddam, he wore a baret
He escorted prisoners to a chair
He shot them standing there
And when he finished, he watched it over
Saddam went a bit too far
when he taped his victims cries.

And then the missiles flew
His bases smashed in two
There was blood and burning oil
But his soldiers flew.



His name is Saddam, he's still a tyrant
That was 10 years ago,
during that gulf war show
Now he's "disarmed" now, that's what he tells us
Still telling lies about his wares,
hiding weapons under inspector's hairs.

He sits there thinking we are blind
And thinks we lost our mind
He lost Kuwait and lost his Army
Now he'll lose Iraq.


Don't fall for it

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