Homer & Jethro

Bad movies always fracture me

I watched Jack Paar and all of the TV shows
Layin' on my back, and a-peepin' out between my toes
And then a western movie filled the screen
It was the oldest and the worst one, I had ever seen.

The Cowboy Star was a guy named Cactus Jack
And he quit punchin' cows, 'cause the cows kept punchin' back
Altho' the film was blurred, I could have swore
Instead of ridin' on a horse, he was ridin' on a dinosaur.

Bad movies, always fracture me
Bad movies, always on TV

One-armed Pete come ridin' across the Rio Grande
With a great big forty-five in either hand.
The commerical came on and poor old Pete got shot
Between the weather report and underarm deodorant spot.


Well, I giggled and I tittered, and I laughed until I cried
Then Mama come in and sat down by my side
She said "What's ailin' you, you little creep"
I told her, "Bad movies always make me weep".

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