Bad boy (Audio)

Hey, you bad boy 
I'm not just a love toy
I'm not made to enjoy 
everytime you want me to.

I need love, lad
Try to understand that
I became a woman, 
and it's time you know.

But this bad boy keeps on playing like before
Every minute of the day he's asking* more
And in the meantime there's nothing I can do
I'm wasting my time, just being blue
So this bad boy put me out to put me down, 
and he did the same with every girl in town
Never hears a single word I say,
but I just can't stay away from another bad boy's day.

Hey, you bad boy, 
look what you have destroyed
Life that I once enjoyed, 
is falling down on my head.

Strange, I dont feel the rain
There's a cafe door open with a sweet refrain
And I see you... don't laugh now! 
Try to help me somehow!

No one I could live for if you go away.

Chorus (bis**)

*Das kann man so nicht sagen; gemeint ist: "he's asking  for more". Der ganze Text ist in einem drolligen Lübke-Englisch verfaßt, das nichtmal als Schul-Englisch durchgehen könnte, denn die vielen falschen Betonungen würde man einem Schüler im Englisch-Unterricht schwerlich durchgehen lassen ;-)
**Den letzten Kehrreim singt der Hintergrundchor alleine.

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