Boney M

A woman can change a man (Audio)

A woman can change a man,
if she loves him the way that I'm in love with you
I know it, I know that I can
If it's the last thing, the last thing I'd ever do.

Though you may still feel the same old yearning
Believe me, the flame will soon stop burning (fine)

A woman can change a man,
if she stays with him whatever may be in store for her
So just put your trust in me
I'll never hurt you, baby, I'll never desert you, babe.

It feels so good just to be near you,
to feel your lips, to see and hear you, oh oh oh...

I'll be forever your shadow, walking next to you,
caring for you is what I will do for you, baby.

A woman can change a man,
make him want her, and make him wanna be with her
Oh baby, I've no secret plans
I just hope in my heart, someday you'll be free of her.

dal $egno al fine


Ah, ah, ah...

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